Epson F570 Setup WARNING

Hello everyone! Let me start by saying how much I love the Epson F570. Don’t let the tittle of this blog post scare you into thinking it is a bad printer. Its incredible.

However, there is a very important setup detail that I don’t want any of you to miss. We missed it, and it cost us a lot of time and a maintenance tank.

The clarification to this issue was in a small diagram on top of the printer. We didn’t see this. Being the big headed nerdy tech geeks that we are, we thought we knew exactly how to setup this machine. We were wrong. Here is the diagram we are talking about:

There is a rubber strip that can be found under the ink door. It looks like this:

We didn’t see any mention of it in the setup guide. We should have left it alone for setup and printing according to that diagram on the printer.

I think this is explained to the best of our ability in this video here at 6:32 and 11:47 :

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We hope this helps. Happy setup and printing!!!