Arizona 1300 GT/GTF/XTF Series Large Format UV Flatbed Printer

  • True stationary flatbed versatility at an affordable price
  • Choice of FLOW technology (GTF/XTF) or classic vacuum (GT)
  • Roll Media Option available for true roll-to-roll capability
  • Available in 4- 6- or 8-channel models that include support for CMYK plus White, Varnish and light Cyan and light Magenta inks
  • Near-photographic image quality
  • Instant-on printing and instant switching between roll-to-roll and flatbed printing
  • Support for PRISMAguide and PRISMAelevate XL software for quick and easy creation of complex higher margin jobs including texture printing

The Arizona 1300 Series – Bring it On!

Building on the Arizona 1300 series, the first series in the Arizona family that delivered an instant-on LED-UV curing system, the updated Arizona 1300 series now also offers FLOW technology.

Originally introduced in the Arizona 2300 series, FLOW technology eliminated the need for first masking and taping the flatbed table before starting most jobs, thereby significantly reducing the set-up time required before being able to print.

With the implementation of FLOW technology, we are now offering nine different models in the Arizona 1300 series family.

The smaller 4’x8′ models will offer a choice of FLOW or the classic vacuum system while the larger 8’x10′ models will only offer FLOW technology. Both formats will support a Roll Media Option.

The Arizona 1300 enables you to produce an exceptional range of applications. Available with your choice of 4, 6 or 8 ink channels you can also start with a 4 channel Arizona 1340 or 6 channel Arizona 1360 and later upgrade as your business needs evolve by adding 2 additional ink channels – up to a maximum of 8. Besides CMYK, these extra ink channels support our brightest white ink ever and an optically clear varnish. The 8 channel Arizona 1380 adds additional support for light cyan and light magenta for enhanced image quality.

Do more!
Featuring a true flatbed architecture for high quality, versatile printing on rigid substrates up to 2 inches thick, the stationary table design of the Arizona allows printing onto irregular shaped items without requiring any special jig. Due to the extreme table flatness, the Arizona image sharpness is consistent everywhere on the table surface. Coupled with the excellent dot placement accuracy this means we can print a drop of ink on top of a drop of ink and produce texture. The PRISMAelevate XL software (formerly Touchstone) was developed exactly to take advantage of this feature and makes file preparation and printing of texture extremely easy.

Adding a Roll Media Option further expands the application range allowing you at the push of a button to switch from flatbed printing to printing on roll media up to 86 inches wide.

Do it smarter!
The PRISMAguide XL software (formerly Arizona Xpert) turns complex job setup into a quick, effective process. The self-learning capability within PRISMAguide XL can learn your steps to setup multi-layered, complex jobs – even double-sided jobs or jobs with transparency. Then, you can save the steps as a recipe and later apply that recipe to any similar jobs.

Do it now!
The instant-on capability of the LED-UV curing system means you don’t have to spend any additional time waiting for lamps to warm up. Simply walk up and begin printing.

FLOW technology does away with zones and masking and taping for most jobs allowing you to place substrates anywhere on the table and begin printing.

Rigid media handling is also benefited by pneumatic registration pins on three sides of each 4’x 8’ print area that allow you to position a board accurately and repeatedly on the flatbed table and quickly print double-sided jobs with ease.

With the Roll Media Option, switching between roll and rigid print jobs can be done at the push of a button with no extra tables to set-up or store away.

Time spent doing maintenance is also minimized thanks to the Automated Maintenance System for hands-free printhead maintenance that can selectively restore nozzle functionality in seconds.

Technical Specifications

Main Unit Specs

Rigid Media Size

1300 Series GT/GTF – 49.2″ x 98.4″
1300 Series XTF – 121.3″ x 98.4″

Rigid Media Thickness


VariaDot printing technology

6 to 42 picoliter droplets, 636 nozzles, one printhead/channel, single row design

High Key Print Speed

1300 GT/GTF – 547.9 ft2/hr.
1300 XTF – 568.3 ft2/hr.

Ink Channels

1340 Series – 4 ink channels upgradeable to 1360 for 6 channels
1360 Series – 6 ink channels upgradeable to 1380 for 8 channels
1380 Series – 8 ink channels

SureColor P-Series Production Printers

This design changes everything

Epson professional photo and graphics printers built
around our extraordinary PrecisionCore® MicroTFP print
chip technology set the benchmark for high-end print
quality. Now Epson brings that same printhead technology
to high-speed production, photo and graphic-art printing
— with an equally extraordinary design. The SureColor®
P-Series Production Printers’ compact, all-front-operation
design allows them to fit where other printers don’t. Their
innovative six-color aqueous-pigment ink set delivers an
incredibly wide color gamut. And they pair simple, carefree
operation with new levels of versatility and media flexibility
— plus a dual-roll configuration — to help shops do more
with less. And all with low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
Add it all up, and this is not just a one-of-a-kind printer
lineup: It’s the new number-one option for shops and

Elevator Speech: Why the SureColor P-Series Production Printers for your
production fleet or print shop?
Epson introduces a production printer series with a revolutionary design and all-front operation that can go where other
printers can’t. The new SureColor P-Series Production Printers combine Epson’s latest PrecisionCore printhead technology
for outstanding quality and sharpness with an innovative six-color aqueous-pigment ink set. The result: an incredibly
wide color gamut and extraordinarily fast photo-quality printing. Get smooth transitions and gradations, too, thanks to a
groundbreaking dedicated gray ink. P-Series Production Printers can hold two media types at once, yet still have a slim profile
and remarkably small footprint — and their ability to handle a variety of print jobs makes them a true business-builder. With
their high performance and low TCO, this is a solution that works hard and delivers big.

The Fantastic Four
Four emphasis points likely to resonate:
Groundbreaking – and hardworking — patented design: With all-front operation and an impossibly slim profile, the
SureColor P-Series Production Printers fit where other printers can’t — including against a wall or back-to-back.
Do more with less: Tap new revenue streams, thanks to the versatile P-Series Production Printers’ ability to handle an
unexpectedly wide variety of file types and print media — even 1.5 mm poster board.
Ultra-fast speeds: The P8570D, for instance, delivers the fastest photo-quality throughput in its class1
— fastest of any
6-color aqueous pigment ink 44” printer on the market.1
Benchmark-setting quality: Thanks to revolutionary PrecisionCore printhead technology — the world’s most advanced
printing technology — just as in our pro photo and graphics printers. PrecisionCore delivers high image quality and sharpness
with unparalleled ink placement accuracy.

Key Benefits
Impressive gamut, smooth gradation: An innovative
six-ink set includes a dedicated gray for smooth
gradients and transitions, neutral grayscale, and reduced
metamerism, as well as photo and matte black for
printing on a wide range of glossy and matte media. The
result: an extraordinarily wide color gamut. The P8570D
has the widest color gamut of any 6-color aqueous
pigment ink 44” printer on the market.2
Get outputs that
rival comparable eight-ink printers.
Low TCO: The P-Series Production Printers’
PrecisionCore printhead is built to last the life of the printer. Its design helps reduce failures and minimize maintenance, which
can result in few interventions and higher production. Plus, available 1.6-liter ink packs for the P8570D enable extra-long runs
without interruption to help you keep business rolling. All on top of a surprisingly low initial cost.
They’re ready to go: With a one-piece, easy-to-install design, they come off the pallet and can be up and running in less
than 30 minutes. And WiFi and the latest Adobe Embedded Print Engine are built in.
UltraChrome PRO6 Ink technology: Epson’s aqueous-based pigment inks don’t run when wet, like some dye-based inks.
They’re water-, smudge-, and fade-resistant for durable, archival, long-lasting prints.
End-to-end print solution: With Adobe Embedded Print Engine built in, accessories like a print stacker, and options like a
960-GB SSD drive, P-Series Production Printers are one hardworking production print solution.
Auto-loading, auto-switching media capabilities: Minimizing user interventions for high-efficiency production.
Designed for reliability: Epson PrecisionCore printers are engineered to be workhorses that deliver day in and day out —
with very low maintenance.
Consistency you can count on: No quality degradation or color shift from the beginning of the run to the end.

Print shop owners/print service providers
Who: Printers of décor art and specialty posters, point-of-purchase displays, signage and graphics, and other kinds of indoor
graphics. Also volume photo fulfillment and high-volume photo production, including B2B and direct-to-consumer photo and
poster production. Can be running large-format prints as well as rigid poster board. May run from a single unit up to a large
fleet. They are skeptical of aqueous-ink printers, based on a reputation for nozzles clogging and higher cost per print. (The
new P-Series and PrecisionCore printheads, with Epson UltraChrome PRO6 pigment inks, are designed to avoid clogging
and deliver low cost per print.)
Challenges they face: Ensuring the printer they choose delivers customer-satisfying quality at fast speeds and a low cost
per print to maximize revenue per order and jobs completed. Choosing a versatile printer that can support a variety of jobs,
expanding revenue streams — as well as a reliable one with high uptime to keep revenue coming in and deliver customer
orders on time.

Print-shop owners/print service providers, continued
What they’re looking for in a production printer: The ability to do more with less. Excellent, production-quality output
with an impressive color gamut and smooth gradation for customer-pleasing reproduction of photography, graphics and
marketing materials. Fast speed, because volume = income for a shop. Versatility, to handle a variety of jobs with the same
machine — expanding revenue streams and allowing greater productivity with limited resources. Small footprint to take up
less space in a busy, crowded shop and allow for more machines and greater output. Low TCO, to deliver high volume while
cutting expense. Low maintenance, so the printer can get back up and running — and producing — quickly and simply. That
includes ease of putting a new printer into service. An end-to-end solution that offers everything in a simple package. Concern
for sustainability may also be a factor.
Print production supervisors in commercial photo labs
Who: Supervisors in labs producing large-format prints and specialty photo-print products from consumers’ photos —
delivering everyday quality vs. the exacting reproduction professional photographers demand — and serving high volumes of
individual customers. May be producing canvas prints as well as prints on other media.
Challenges they face: Ensuring the printers they choose deliver customer-satisfying quality at a low cost per print and fast
speeds to maximize revenue per order and jobs completed. Minimizing media waste, especially with expensive media like
canvas, and making sure printers work flawlessly with all media, including third-party options. Choosing printers that allow
quick switches between media for ever-changing customer orders, as well as versatile ones to fill a variety of requirements.
Ensuring simple, fast manageability and serviceability of fleets is also a concern.
What they’re looking for in a production printer: Excellent consumer-quality output, with a sufficiently wide color gamut,
smooth gradation, and fine detail for customer-pleasing reproduction of treasured photos. Fast speed, to fulfill more orders
and deliver maximum revenue per hour. Versatility, to deliver more kinds of products from the same machine, increasing
income. Small footprint, to allow for more machines and maximum productivity per square foot. Low TCO, to help keep prices
and lab competitive. Low maintenance, to keep production moving, and ease of putting a printer into service so it can quickly
begin paying for itself. Concern for sustainability may also be a factor.

The NEW SureColor F2270 Standard Edition Printer is here!

The Pro Digital Gear team is really excited about this printer!!! Here is what Epson has to say about it:

Take DTG and DTFilm printing to the next level with this hybrid print solution

Open new doors for your printing business with the versatile SureColor® F2270. Purpose-built for both direct-to-garment (DTG) and DTFilm printing, this hybrid printer combines outstanding image quality, easy operation and great value. With DTFilm printing capability, go beyond traditional garment printing and transfer to a wider variety of materials, including uniquely shaped items. Featuring a PrecisionCore® MicroTFP printhead and next-generation UltraChrome® DG2 Ink, the F2270 delivers vibrant colors and incredible detail at impressive speeds. What’s more, the printer’s cartridge-free bulk ink pack system helps reduce ink replacement frequency. Featuring automatic garment thickness adjustment, robust Epson® Garment Creator 2 software, easy user maintenance features to help reduce downtime, and an intuitive design with a large 4.3″ touchscreen interface and quick-load platen, the innovative F2270 brings you a new level of productivity and efficiency to meet customer demand head-on.

  1. PrecisionCore MicroTFP printhead with Nozzle Verification Technology — delivers high-quality print output at impressive speeds
  2. UltraChrome DG2 Ink — next-generation direct-to-garment (DTG) ink produces incredible print detail; cartridge-free bulk ink pack system helps reduce ink replacement frequency
  3. Hybrid printing — DTG and DTFilm print capabilities to support a wide range of materials and uniquely shaped products
  4. Automatic garment thickness optimization — adjusts printhead height and optimizes print quality without user intervention
  5. Low maintenance — dedicated cleaning solution channels and fabric head wiper system help reduce downtime
  6. Intuitive design — flattop surface for holding items; large 4.3″ touchscreen interface with ergonomically placed control buttons
  7. Easy-to-use, quick-load platen — assists with garment alignment and helps reduces loading times
  8. Intuitive, easy-to-learn workflow — Epson Garment Creator 2 software features improved processing time and high-resolution processing for exceptionally detailed and vibrant prints
  9. Epson Cloud Solution PORT1 — provides live production monitoring of your printer fleet status, including production rates and printer utilization
  10. Turnkey solution, fully supported by Epson — includes 1-year limited warranty with on-site service; extended service plans available

DTG or DTF? Do both with the SureColor F2100

SureColor F2100
The Epson SureColor® F2100 is perhaps one of the best DTG printers available. And now, this printer has been improved to allow for DTG and DTFilm applications (with additional equipment) The result? An extremely versatile hybrid solution that expands the sellable product possibilities, reduces cost and produces consistent quality that you can rely on.
SureColor F2100 PrinterPurpose-built for high-quality direct-to-garment print applications at speed and now capable of DTFilm for alternative applications (with additional equipment). The F2100 utilizes a 5-color ink system (CMYK + White) and has an intuitive, easy-to-use workflow. Learn More >
SureColor F-Series: Direct-to-Garment Printers Our SureColor F-Series DTG printers offer a number of features that make them ideal for scaling and growing your business including: Hybrid DTG & DTFilm Capabilities – Ultimate flexibility to decorate a wide assortment of garment materials and shapes, optimize hand feel, reduce operating costs, and maintain consistent results between DTG and DTFilm. For more information, talk to your reseller. Automated cleaning simplifies maintenance and helps to reduce maintenance costs. Minimal maintenance intervention by the operator allows printers to run continuously with minimal interruption for cleaning. Compatible with automated workflow systems. And they’re available with specialty platens, compatible with DTG film printing so you can expand your custom printing capabilities to include products other than t-shirts.
Tools to Help You Sell New Video Content: Epson Print Academy Check Out T-Shirt & Garments Videos > SureColor F2100 Direct-to-Garment Printer Product Review GuideDownload the Guide > 5 Ideas for Effectively Growing and Scaling Your DTG Printing BusinessDownload the eBook >
Current Promotions and Rebates Opportunities for Continued Growth: Instate Rebate on Model: SCF2100WEPromotion on Model: SCF2100WE Offering an instant rebate savings of $3,000 and a bonus 1-year Extended Service Plan (when added to the 1 year in box warranty equal a total of 2 years of coverage) on the SureColor F2100 We have increased our SPIFF to $500 on a sale of a qualifying SureColor F2100 printer. Rebates and promotions are limited to inventory on hand. Offers are valid from January 1 – February 28, 2023. Visit the Epson ProFocusPartner Portal for the latest promotional grid under “Announcements.”
Live Webinar: Register Now! DTG vs DTFilm: Why Choose? Learn about Direct to Garment Printing versus Direct to Film Transfer Printing. See how your business can thrive using a hybrid DTG & DTFilm printer! Details: Tuesday, January 31, 202310:00 AM PT Speaker: Paul Morales– Professional Imaging, Product Manager Register Now >
Backed by Epson’s World-Class Service & Support All Epson direct-to-garment printers include a limited on-site warranty with US-based phone support; an optional extended on-site service plan is available. Download the Extended Service Plans Flyer > Want to learn more about maximizing productivity with Epson Preferred Plus Extended Service Plans? Contact your Epson Account Manager or visit today.

Canon GP4000/2000 Create Rollerblade Frame Graphics – Pro Digital Gear

What do rollerblades and printing have in common? You will find out in this video. I was able to print custom graphics on the Canon GP-4000 and insert them into the Create Original OG custom graphic rollerblade frame. It’s a great frame and the GP-4000 colors are amazing for custom graphics!

Epson F570 PRO Edge Print PRO Set Up – Pro Digital Gear

Want to take a deep dive into Epson Edge Print Pro? Well not only do we show you how to install the software but we also walk you through the settings as well in this video. And we show you how to set up the Epson F570 PRO Sublimation Printer. This is a complete installation video from start to finish for both the hardware and software of the F570 PRO. Any questions on purchasing or set up, feel free to give the knowledgeable staff at pro digital gear a call. 1-888-459-1482. is our email and our website is

Epson SureColor R Series | Versatility to expand and succeed Pro Digital Gear

Epson says the new R series is the best way to increase your printing business potential. Here is what they say! Don’t say no to potential business. See how Epson SureColor R Series printers—with water-based resin ink technology and an innovative three-tier heating system— have the versatility you need to say yes to traditional media banners and adhesive vinyl, as well as specialty media like wallpaper, canvas and much more.

Epson SureColor R Series | Get Consistent Color. Consistently

These new R Series Epson printers are looking incredible!!! Here is what Epson says about color consistency: “Reprint” is a word print service providers never want to hear. See how Epson SureColor R-Series printers help them avoid it by using PrecisionCore® printheads and an innovative three-tier heating system to produce consistent, repeatable color. Get the Epson quality you’ve come to expect—job to job, panel to panel. Learn more at”

Epson SureColor R Series | DIY Replaceable printheads Pro Digital Gear

Look what Epson announced! This is so exciting! “No one likes interruptions. So Epson PrecisionCore® printheads are engineered to last for years. But occasionally, accidents can happen. See how Epson SureColor R-Series printers make it easy to change the printhead on your own, without a service technician. No tools needed, and all adjustments are done automatically.”

Canon GP 4000 VS Pro 4100 Color

Comparing the Canon GP-4000 VS the Canon PRO-4100 print color quality. Canon you tell which is which? The GP-4000’s fluorescent pink ink makes it quite obvious. The Canon GP-4000 is in stock y’all at Pro Digital Gear! Incredible Logo by Chris Piascik Rollover Thehill Chris made it for my rollerblade channel JADRollerVlog on IG and YouTube.