Tensador II

The Tensador II fleet is the most-used canvas stretching machine in the industry. Why? Because its simple design and small footprint give it flexibility, durability and dependability. It is pneumatically powered and has no electronics to break! All you need is the air supply of your choice, a long-nosed stapler some practice and you're ready to go! Check out the video below to see how it is used. These machines are generally made-to-order so call for lead times.


1 Gallon Silent Air compressor ---
SKU: DR-500
PRICE:  $1140.00
6 Gallon Silent Air Compressor ---
SKU: Sil-Air 50-24
PRICE:  $1505.00
Long Nose Stapler for Gallery Wrap ---
SKU: Fasco Long Nose Stapler
PRICE:  $235.00
Tensador II Canvas Stretcher 48" Gripper ---
SKU: T-125G
PRICE:  $2925.00
Tensador II Canvas Stretcher 60" Gripper ---
SKU: T-155G
PRICE:  $3525.00
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